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On Friday, after the insanity of writing and submitting my PhD application, complete with dissertation proposal, and the accompanying bids for funding, I went somewhat shell-shocked to my morning classes. Then I wandered, slightly disoriented by the sudden release from deadlines and stress. (Sure, I could stress about whether I’m going to get funding, but I’m not really in the mood.)

I decided that I would nothing for school and  nothing I didn’t want to until at least Sunday afternoon. (Almost nothing. I flossed.)

elbow patch

Pom-pom flowers

On Saturday, a friend who is practicing to lead tours of the city took us on a guided tour. This was especially nice because neither of us had actually taken one, despite having lived here for several months. Did you know that when the South Bridge was built, it had far more arches than can be seen from the streets? Buildings were build in front of the supporting arches, and the vaults were meant to be used as storage for the businesses in front. Except that the vaults were unsealed, so they were very wet and consequently useless for storage.

Then Mumsy Dearest called, and I got to meet my sister’s boyfriend for the first time. He got Skype running on Mumsy’s new computer, and tells terrible science jokes, so I’ve  got no objections so far. 🙂 Of course, if my sister doesn’t read this, I could really write anything here…

Saturday night, I met NTS’s gaming group and played my very first game of Arkham Horror. The game is based on Lovecraft and set in a small town in Massachusetts, which made me feel nostalgic. I don’t know what my old roommates complain about, unless it’s the length. The terrible cards that cause players to die, but also the game to progress, just didn’t come up. At 2am we decided we were near victory and called a cab. The night was a success, though; NTS has good taste in companions.

Sunday, after sleeping in much later than my body usually lets me, I mostly poked around on the computer and practised my hand sewing and other crafty skills. I added elbow patches to one of my two trusty long-sleeve knit dresses. I wear each at least once a week, so I was horrified to feel the cold table on my elbow the other day.

Isn’t that pretty?

elbow patch detail

And I hung up a pretty… hot plate? plaque? something that I found in a charity shop. The wreath was increasingly trading its circle shape for oval, which looked distinctly less cheerful and rather melty.

hanging hot plate

I’d like to stay up and watch the superbowl, but it’s not going to happen. I do, however, feel like I could consider doing schoolwork again.