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Alabama Chanin Bucket Hat

I’ve wanted to make one of these hats since Mama K sent me this book for my birthday. The book, by Natalie Chanin, is a how-to for some of the designs from her  studio (as her local, handmade clothing isn’t cheap, she figures the book doesn’t really cut into her market; I suspect she’s right). She and her people hand-sew gorgeous clothes from organic cotton jersey, ranging from simple to breath-takingly intricate. If you know me, you’ll know this is right up my alley, as all of my favourite clothes are jersey knit, including all of my favourite dresses. It took me a while to catch on, but I suspect Mama K picked the book out for me because of my habit of adding odd bits of embroidery to my boring t-shirts when I’m bored.

I recommend both the book and Natalie’s blog, which I’ve been reading for the past few days.