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On blogs, I’m often tickled to see a year in review made up of instagram pictures. It may not mean much to a stranger, but I think sharing a picture of something that made me smile or even just look,  is a nice way to share my life with family and friends who have never seen the continent where I live, much less my apartment or my school.

So from now on, I’m going to post a picture a day. Even if I don’t have the most breathtaking photo ever. Even if it’s a little grainy–heaven knows it would be if I were using a phone instead of my little camera.

One of my newly-covered floor pillows and a giraffe

One of my newly-covered floor pillows and a giraffe

(If you’re wondering why I don’t just use instagram, two reasons: I don’t have a smart phone, since I’m seldom out of range for wi-fi, and I have a hard time accepting the constraints on lighting and focus imposed by an integrated camera in a computer. I tried to use my tablet to scan a check the other day and couldn’t even get a clear enough shot for that. I seem to be a dedicated hardware kind of person.)