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Do you know what the wonderful thing about resolutions is? They’re like goals: if you aim high enough, even if you don’t achieve the whole shebang, you’ve still done something worth doing. Whereas if you achieve something in one go, you then have to go out and get a new goal.

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This weekend, NTS and I trekked out to our first re-enactment event of the year. This was the venue:

Dancemoot arch

And it was snowing. Inside.

I don’t like to post pictures of other medievalists, as getting permission was pretty low on my to-do list, but we looked great. And by ‘we’, I mean everyone else–I had underestimated the sheer amount of coldness a stone building can trap (it was a lovely warm day outside) and ended up wearing my polar fleece under my zip-up polar fleece jacket under my period garb. I had just finished a lovely warm flannelette kirtle, too, but I left it at home for fear of overheating. The joke was definitely on me.

My interest in reenactment re-kindled after a few months of inactivity, I set out to do some research when I got home. I’m pretty well-versed in medieval English women’s wear, so I thought I might try my hand at something else; Irish or perhaps Welsh garb.

It turns out that researching medieval garb really entails research on two eras: the medieval period and the late nineties, when all of the websites seem to have been compiled. It looks (to no one’s surprise) like hobbyists put their passions on the internet early on and see no need update their CSS (website formatting). It takes me back to the heady days of my young teen-hood, researching medieval and renaissance clothing and playing with my mom’s metal sewing machine.

Ah, the good old days of history.

o O o

Also, fun fact? Old English didn’t have ‘Ye Olde’ anything. The ‘th’ sound in the definite article that became ‘the’ was often written with the character wynn (below).

Wynn. (source: MadeofWynn)

Wynn (source)

And now you have a great fact for your next medieval-themed cocktail party. Which, if you know me in person, is bound to occur soon. It may also stop you getting punched in the face while joking with a medievalist who’s in his cups.