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I can't really take credit for this; it's the library's doing.

I can’t really take credit for this; it’s the library’s doing.

Ah, Britain. The nation that brought us Sherlock (original and current), scones, and Doctor Who.

Either everyone I know is a really big nerd–not out the question–or Doctor Who looms large in the public consciousness here. I’ll give you a hint: probably both.

In the past month, I have heard two people, one Scottish and my age, the other older and Dutch, refer to the ubiquitous police-boxes-turned-coffee-kiosks as TARDISes. Blue police boxes are in fact more closely associated with the long-running television series than with their original function (source). 

And yesterday, at a lecture discussing alternative usages in writing (as in the bands U2 and Altern-8), one of my older professors suggested K-9 as an example. The lecturer was in the dark, but all of my professors caught the reference immediately.

Despite the lack of bagels, the UK has its advantages.