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NTS makes small sounds of distress.

Brid What is it, dear?

NTS People being stupid.

Brid Catches glimpse of screen Is it the Senate?


Brid Just checking. What is… No, never mind. I don’t want to know. You’re distressed, and I don’t handle stupid people nearly as well as you do. That’s why I retreated to the ivory tower of acadaemia.

NTS But…

Brid We’re stupid in our own special ways.

NTS Ah. Yes, you have your own ways of handling it. Snarky comments, disdain, killing people…

Garden gate at night
Brid Yeah, you’re not allowed to kill people in the Senate.
NTS So that’s the real reason you became an academic.
Brid Yes. That’s the one I *didn’t mention in my scholarship essays.