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Yesterday I learned to crochet. I recall being fond of the endeavor when I was about 13 (well before amigurimi became widespread), but I’ve fallen out of the habit since, to the point where I couldn’t remember how to do any of the stitches.

With the help of this tutorial, which doesn’t take for granted that I understand any of the written instructions, I finally climbed back in the saddle yesterday. My fingers eventually remembered how to do it. I think the deciding factor was the application of tension techniques I acquired over years of knitting. The going was hard at first, until I remember that extra shove of the hook through a newly-formed loop that gives it the necessary give.

Red crochet basket--top view

And it is addictive. I’ve seen this with Daniprose as she whipped through project after project in a night, but hadn’t applied it to myself. Knitting, I tend to think in rows. Crocheting, each stitch is a knot unto itself. This has the advantage that you can easily set the project down at any time (you can set knitting down, but I try to make it to the end of a row to avoid potential disasters in transit or forgetting my place in the pattern). This also makes crochet stitches like potato chips. You man mean to make only one more, but who ever eats one potato chip?

Long story short, three episodes of Doctor Who and half a Disney movie later, I had powered through this:

Crochet beginnings

I had run across the red crochet cotton for 99p at a charity shop and thought it a nice weight for experimentation. I’m glad I added the periwinkle border, though–the red is very… red.

o O o

Wide open window

In other news, I took down the heavy, dark-blue curtains in the window alcove near my desk. The difference is extraordinary. The amount of light reflected by the white walls makes it seem as though the window were at least 50% bigger. I thought I would put up semi-sheer pale periwinkle curtains, but now I’m not sure; I may leave the window as is. For now, I’m just enjoying the extra light.

Window and desk