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Pinterest is the box that holds Schroedinger’s cat. As long as these crazy projects exist in picture form in a virtual list of possibilities instead of, say, in my craft living room, they are full of possibility. As long as they’re still on the interwebs, there’s a fairly solid chance that I can bring these projects successfully to life. It’s only when we invite them into the concrete plane that they take on flesh.

But the flesh, as the evangelist says, is weak. 

The illusion lasts until I stand in my living room, regarding the bedraggled remains of a t-shirt or a miracle brownie. Then I realize that I’ve opened the box. Schroedinger’s cat is no longer both dead and alive. It’s laid out on my living room floor amidst a litter of tissue paper and hot glue.

In short, projects that look really simple on the internets may be harder than they appear.


Source. We’ll just pretend that they put in the umlaut.

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