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Look! The sun has come out. It looks just like Easter, slowly awakening to the promise of sunshine after the grey winter.

Sun in the garden

Literally five minutes after I took this, the snow started dusting gently down again. It’s been that sort of day: a game of peek-a-boo with the sun. Still, even the snowy parts are much more interesting than yesterday’s plain grey. *Wind gusts dramatically and snow pours down faster than I thought snow could actually fall, given air resistance* Especially when viewed from the comfort of my desk.

o O o

Last night I was a very busy girl. I met some school friends in Haymarket to meet one of their boyfriends who was here to visit. Everything was more packed than usual–Scotland had been playing Wales at rugby. I counted two sheep, two bright green bunnies, and a zebra during our short sojourn in search of a safe harbor, to say nothing of the Scots in their kilts and jerseys. We finally retreated to one of the school bars (yes, there are several very classy bars in the student union building), the only place in town we knew we could get a table.

Then I ducked out early and caught a bus to join my husband at board game night, bringing my total number of Scots for the night up to… zero. My masters program is mostly internationals, ditto for NTS’s university-based gaming group, so most of our Scottish friends are from historical reenactment. We have been very social this weekend.

Paper flowers