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Jars in afternoon sun 4

Today is a day for photography. The light is coming back, streaming in rays through the windows in a way I’ve sorely missed these past months; had, in fact, nearly forgotten. I was having trouble catching some really subtle effects of light and shadow with my sleek new camera and started to wonder how my old one would fare under these conditions. It was an expensive digital camera in its time (2007?), costing around 400 dollars. My mother and I had the same version, prizing it for its quick shutter speed and optional manual settings.

Jars in the sun 1

So I pulled it out. And man, is that thing heavy. I had to really get it well situated in my had before going in for a one-handed shot–none of this juggling nonsense I pull with my little one.

Jars with slanting shadows

More importantly, the camera was full of photos. Some I took before we left: pictures of me trying on wedding dresses, my sister making wedding favors, the housecats, even a few from my bridal shower.

Jars in afternoon sun 3

Even better were some my husband took shortly after our arrival in Edinburgh and never uploaded. It was like getting mystery film back from the developer. It turns out that despite the fact that he seldom actually takes any pictures, NTS is quite good at it. 

(c) NoTrueScotsman

Tune in later for more of his pictures; they’re too good not to share. He clearly inherited some of his dad’s talent.