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Because we keep using our few bookcases for other things–NTS’s sweaters, camping gear–I find myself short of places to keep my library books. At home, we had a whole book room, but here… well, we have maybe a dozen paper books to our name. It’s very lonesome, having so few books our your own for company.


And so it is that I have little caches of related books hidden throughout the house. Foreign grammars in the hallway, Gothic literary analysis next to the camp pillows, mystery under my sewing kit.


On a related note, this is the second time this semester I’ve been working on Gothic literature. Disclaimer: Only one of these projects involves manuscripts by actual Goths.

Garden at night 2

The actual Goths were less weird.

Garden at night 3

Who knows what horrors lurk within the hearts of men? What creeps just out of sight, along the edges of the shadows? And what would the neighbors say if I used the courtyard for a Gothic photo shoot?

Garden at night 4Only the shadow knows.