Inspired by blogs I’ll never be able to find again, I decided to tackle the big, blank wall in my living room, graced at the time by a single small painting of the beach. Left to my own devices, I would have painted an enormous tree, but I’m pretty sure that would violate the terms of my lease, either as ‘improvements’ or as vandalism, depending on the super’s idea of art. I think the paper is too lumpy to allow for easy application of a giant sticker, although I can definitely see one in my next apartment.

Wall art side view


Besides, since we’re leaving this apartment within the year, I wanted to do it on my decorating budget of $0. (Or zero pounds. Either way, zero percent of nothin’ is, let’s see… nothin’.)

Wall art--ships

Rummaging through my tiny chest of supplies, I came across a basket of cigarette cards, the same set I drew from to make Christmas cards. To avoid putting holes in the cards or putty on them (also forbidden by the lease), I drove tacks into the wall at intervals and secured the cards with tiny magnets that had turned out too small for a project some months back.

Behold: my art installation.

Wall art