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Heard at Uni: Nerd Edition

Because getting a postgraduate degree in linguistics isn’t nerdy enough, here are some tidbits from this week’s lectures.

Prof: Uuarch, ‘evildoer’,  corresponds to Old English warg—remember Tolkein’s wargs?

o O o

Calton HIll door and sign

[cell phone rings]

Prof: Excuse me.

[fishes out and silences phone]

…and yes, it’s the Doctor Who theme.

o O o


The best part is, these quotes came from two different professors. And that’s just one week’s worth of geekery.

Calton hill looking upThese sunny photos are fond souvenirs of the weather we were having two weeks ago. As in the US, March in Edinburgh has taken a turn for the colder and greyer. For three days we were treated to snow showers, while the past two days sent a biting wind strong that slices through layers to the bone.

Calton hillside

In defense, I’ve renewed my interest in coastal-style decorating (as seen in Completely Coastal and Sand and Sisal, and of course my Nautical Nonsense board). The (uncomfortable) maroon chairs and carpets in my apartment are depressingly dark, so I’m considering simple slipcovers for the college-dorm chairs. I would love to get chairs we would actually enjoy sitting in, but there’s no place to store the displaced furniture. I doubt the university would agree with us that disposing of it is really the kindest option, though the next tenant might.

Lone tree on Calton Hill

I dream of sunny beaches and inviting living rooms. Happy weekend!