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Hello again. This week has been rather hectic. Having a presentation scheduled yesterday afternoon, I sequestered myself in the linguistics lab for several days running. Wednesday I worked straight through to 8:45 pm. I would have gone home for dinner–as usual, NTS takes good care of me–but it turns out that my swipe card doesn’t work in the lab after 5pm, so I didn’t want to risk it.

bagpipe makers edinburgh

Poor NTS. I spent much of his birthday churning out a powerpoint presentation (with the cheerful background of a graveyard and eye-catching red letters in the header). In the end, however, he was rewarded with two flavors of Ben & Jerry’s and some of the board games we’ve been missing since we came here. I played Carcassonne for the first time and found it excessively diverting. Tonight we further our acquaintance with Dominion.

cow head

We have taken to occupying the kitchen in the afternoon, as it really does get the best afternoon light. As I type this, the sun is sliding behind the towers of the mosque, dimming the light with alarming, almost comic rapidity. I am blinded by the sudden dimness, and it is only the offices of the erstwhile Mavis Beacon that keep me typing in spite of this sudden evidence of human frailty.

edifice--calton hill

In case you were wondering, the project was on nineteenth century supernatural literature. Is it affecting my syntax? Only the shadow knows.

Happy Friday!