3.34 pm
A glass dinner plate on a glass baking dish creates too much heat resistance. Three minutes in and it doesn’t show signs of popping.

3.37 pm
A plastic lid set kitty-corner on a plastic container creates much less resistance. I suspect more of the kernels would have popped had they not been denatured by the previous attempt, but it’s enough for a snack.

3.39 pm

3.55 pm
The remaining kernels leave kernel-shaped indentations in the bottom of the plastic container when I scrape them out. I kind of wish I hadn’t eaten that popcorn now. It’s less tasty, somehow, in hindsight.

3.56 pm
Hey NTS! It looks like those big plastic containers aren’t microwave safe.
… also, I should probably now say “that one big plastic container”.

Perhaps tomorrow I’ll ferret out some paper bags.

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