Fact: The chairs in our furnished apartment are terribly uncomfortable.

I lived in student housing all the way through college, and while the furniture was industrial, it wasn’t outright uncomfortable and could generally be improved upon by cushions. We’ve developed out own ways of rending the couch useable: NTS through liberal application of pillows, I through liberal application of yoga positions. Sitting tree pose is my favorite.

But the chairs, armless and slanted uncomfortably backward in both seat and back, are hopeless, and occasion an aching back every time I forget and try to use one for any period of time. (Parties are fine. Just no lounging with abandon.) Consequently, we have comfortable seating for one in our living room.

Needless to say, we are not amused.

Neither are we inclined to bring new furniture into the house, since there’s so much here already and we’re moving in September (no, we haven’t picked out a place yet).

Inspired by much reading about tiny houses, I really wanted a window seat of the cozy variety. Except perhaps not in front of a window, because the drafts are freezing. I am the type who likes to be supported on at least three sides while reading. I don’t just sit, I lounge. And I almost never sit upright, facing forward, with my knees straight in front and feet on the floor. Sometimes my exercise ball is the exception to this rule, sometimes not.

With the tiny house movement, with its built-in furniture and its drive to make every item pull double duty, swimming around in my mind with the contents of the closets I had just rearranged, I flopped down on some pillows to do my reading. I looked up, and lo! I beheld the underside of my desk. Funny thing, desks. This one looked like a window seat turned wrong side up. Interesting. And there was a second one in the bedroom…

Yes, my pillows have starfish on them.

Yes, my pillows have starfish on them.

Our guest blankets provide a firm yet cushy pad, and we suffer from no shortage of pillows. It’s like using the furniture to make a fort or a boat: childish and endlessly entertaining. Doubtless I’ll get tired of it eventually. When I do, the desk can go back to the bedroom and the blankets to the closet. In the meantime, NTS and I read in comfort. At the same time.