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6.40 pm

Brid: I managed to work the word ‘undead’ into my paper. Now to work it into the rest of my papers; that’ll be the real trick.

8.10 pm

The handy thing about this time difference: no matter how late I stay up writing this paper, my mother will still be awake to proofread it.*

8.48 pm

Just automatically rephrased a sentence to avoid using the phrase “the village people”.

9.47 pm

Brid: “This section explores the reasons underlying the above results.” Spatial imagery for the… well, I haven’t decided whether it’s a win or a lose.

10.03 pm

Brid: I wonder it I can use the word “whopping”. Yes, I can. No, I’ll use “respectable”. That means the same thing.

10.24 pm

It’s fitting that the wind should be howling through the trees while I write my Gothic project.

While I finish off my Gothic project.


Heh, heh, heh.


It’s so fluffy!

11.54 pm

Brid: Apparently the Brits spell encyclopedia like wankers: encyclopaedia. Who know?

NTS: And you’re surprised?

Brid: I honestly thought that no one spelled it that way these days unless they were specifically trying to. Like acadaemia. You know better, you just do it anyway because you’re an academic. But if the Brits try to tell me they’re encyclopedic… well, I’m not buying it.

12.06 am

“Sample concordances for MY SOUL”

* Every writer needs a good editor.