8.30 am
The basil has now had its first pruning, according to the gospel of plants. Apparently, the trick is not to pick the big green ones at the bottom and leave the little ones to grow longer, but to leave the first pair of big leaves as photosynthesis factories and cut the stem of right above them to encourage new growth. If this works, it will be good news indeed. For now, I have a jar full of delicious fresh basil. We are brainstorming ideas to use it; I’m leaning toward bruschetta. There’s not really enough for pesto.

Now for breakfast.

Pruning basil

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After seeing several variations on the theme on Pinterest, I rearranged my drawers to hold stockings, scarves, leggings, running shorts, etc. It looks surprisingly tidy. Things I used less often were relegated to hanging shoe holders in the closet. Most of them were not shoes.

The dressers have extremely shallow drawers, so the clothes are folded or rolled to a depth of about 4″. This is particularly handy for the running and bike shorts, which have almost no mass or friction and kept toppling the piles on the closet shelves.

Tidy drawers

The socks can fend for themselves. 

Sock drawer

On one side, regimented rows; on the other, anarchy.

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My white board is cooler than your white board. And wipes off more easily. Glass is slippery stuff.

embroidered white board

The embroidery is vintage linen and used to be a tea cozy for a teapot the size of the Titanic. I couldn’t bring myself to cut up any of the larger pieces of vintage embroidery. Even if I did only pay 50p for them, someone put a lot of work in. But someday I will display them all properly. Beginning with this one.

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As for Boston, there is too much to say, and too little. Be safe, everyone. Remember that while some people are stupid and twisted, more are amazing and inspiring and loving. Remember those people.

The Prudential Center, April 2012

The Prudential Center, April 2012