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stairs and cedar chips

Last Monday, I stayed up until three in the morning to finish off a paper. I could have finished it up in the morning, but having found my rhythm, it made more sense just to write until it was done and have an end of it. I even got up hours before the deadline to make sure it printed on time. Which it did, but the amount of time it took to make this process work reflects poorly on us all. It’s embarrassing. (Spoiler: the printer randomly doesn’t print PDFs. Nor does it tell you it’s not going to. They just disappear. This came up tangentially in conversation with the tech guy after I’d been trying to install drivers etc. for an hour. Moral of the story: don’t be embarrassed to go to IT, because if you can’t figure it out in the first ten minutes, it’s probably more complicated than you think.)

Ivy and blue lapped wall

Uninterested in going back to sleep that afternoon–I haven’t napped much since freshman year, when I found 2 am a logical time to do homework–I took a ramble instead. Looking for nothing in particular, and thinking of nothing in particular, I enjoyed a most delightful afternoon. Naturally, after several days of sun, I chose the rainy one for prowls and photography, but as the rain was a spring sort of weather and not the wintery chill of the week before, my spirits remained un-dampened.

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Branches and blue wall

In other news, hearty congratulations to my best friend and my sister-in-law, who are both getting married! to different people! I was just getting back into my wedding series with posts like Enter the Dress, thinking that it was just about time to start planning another wedding, when two of my favorite ladies broke the news! Happily, their future husbands are also awesome. Congrats and hugs all around.

Brick yard

Needless to say, my wedding series will be picking up after this. I’ve got to codify this generation’s collective family wedding knowledge before it slips out of our heads. As one of the future brides puts it, it’s my job to write the wedding manual for the rest of the much-extended family. I wonder how that happened.

This brick yard is maybe ten, fifteen minutes' walk from the university, but it feels like something you'd stumble across in a rural village.

This brick yard is maybe ten, fifteen minutes’ walk from the university, but it feels like something you’d stumble across in a rural village.

In still more news, I have learned to make popcorn. Spring has blown in on the wildest winds I’ve ever experienced. Twilight stretches until 9 pm. I now own a (very small) hairbrush.

Three cheers for the happy couples!