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The weather here keeps flashing between liquid gold sunshine and hard rain, punctuated by exciting bursts of hail that blow in on tempest winds and, spent, disappear. I blink and the room has gone dark; a cup of tea, and the sun is back, a little lower in the sky.

Palm trees at night. Mallorca 2013

Palm trees at night. Mallorca 2013

Ladies, I am bound by the bonds of sisterhood to show you this post about bra sizing. Gentlemen, you can skip to the next paragraph if you like; there are no pictures. In short, it turns out that when you bend over and scoop all of the soft tissue on your chest–the breast tissue–into your bra, there’s a lot more than you might expect or be containing in your current bra. I wasn’t able to get to the shop for a few days after I tried it because I was writing a paper, and it drove me crazy knowing I could be so much more comfortable. Once I finally did make it in, as a reward for finishing up my paper, it was amazing. I have never had particularly much up top, but once I changed sizes, it was like a weight had been taken off. I could tell the weight distribution was finally right. Long story short: 34A –> 32C. Read the article, and just for kicks, try it out some time when you’re in the mall. It might be really worth it. I’m not saying big breasts are necessary for a woman, but being fully supported is so much more comfortable. Now I just need to build up a new collection of brightly colored bras.

Cathedral, Mallorca

Tomorrow we’re off to our first [hopefully] outdoor reenactment* of the season. Hooray! I will be smart this time and wear my new flannel kirtle instead of the thin one-hour houppelande I made the morning of our very first UK event last fall. I’m probably going to move from a half-developed Anglo-Saxon persona and costume to a more Scandinavian one, maybe Icelandic or Danelaw, but we’ll see. Sewing costumes has not been high on my priority list lately, though I’ve been exploring some great Viking reenactment sites. Vikingsnitt is my favorite; it’s in Norwegian, but has great pictures. I just have to be careful not to apply any of the linguistic phenomena on the site to my test involving Old Norse! That’s the danger of linguistics. You can’t escape it. Every holiday is a busman’s holiday.

We spent a lot of time walking around at night, since Palma is so well lit.

We spent a lot of time walking around at night, since Palma is so well lit. Although to be fair, we also spent a lot of time walking around by day.

* Some people object to the term reenactment in reference to SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) events, since we don’t replicate any particular historical event, and the time periods represented cover most of the middle ages and renaissance. I’m not sure I agree, but semantics isn’t my primary motivation in using the term. I like it because it’s immediately understood by non-initiates without derailing the conversation, which as I get older seems more and more worth a little ambiguity in terms.