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11.58 am
I can control my computer from across the room! [wiggles USB mouse. Repeatedly.]

2.05 pm
Blew a fuse in the kitchen. Building time machine to go back in time to an era before circuit breakers to learn how to replace it.

6.01 pm
Reading a Frisian phrase in an English-language book is like falling through the rabbit hole: it’s familiar yet different, and I don’t realise it’s happened until I’m somewhat further down.

7.24 pm
Brid: The next time we go to a convention, we should go as Fourier Transformers!

NTS: They’re more than meets the eye!

Brid: Hm, it’s a little complicated.

NTS: We might run into difficulties with people who will want to make jokes about it.

Brid: I think I know mathematicians well enough to tell when they’re joking. We’ll be fine.

Mallorca. FarOuterHebrides 2013

Mallorca 2013. Someday I will tell you about this trip. In hindsight, probably with lots of foreshadow. Hence the shadowy pictures.

7.44 pm
Brid: We might run into difficulties with people who have actually watched Transformers, though.

NTS: [facepalm]