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The weather has gotten downright lovely these past few days, being warm(er) even when it’s cloudy. It’s a great consolation to take walks and really enjoy them, though I do snatch the time from my studying to do it. Sunday evening NTS and I had the most delightful ramble along the edge of Arthur’s Seat, down toward the Parliament building.

The only mitigating factor was the enormity of swans milling about the bottom edge of the pond. Swans are notoriously bad-tempered, but in small numbers one has a tolerably sure chance of avoiding them. There must have been some two dozen swans in this over-burdened pond, however, swimming about in tiny orbits practically on top of each other, like bees in a hive. It felt like an aristo version of Hitchcock. They may have been the queen’s swans, but this time I was not amused.

Nets in Palma Harbor

Nets in Palma Harbor

Tomorrow the cake club meets again, and it’s my turn to play Lady Bountiful. The cake club is a charming institution designed to prevent certain MSc students from losing human contact for more than a week at a time while writing our dissertations. Heaven help the woman who is absent without warning. Her fellow students will fear the worst and alert the authorities at once. I’ve not baked a cake since I’ve been in Edinburgh, being inclined to toothsome cookies myself, but I shall give it my best, with hearty helpings of cocoa and my specialty butter cream icing.

NTS, being the best husband going, went above and beyond this week by procuring a certain elusive beverage for which his wife has pined for months. Asian restaurants, sadly, tend toward certain discrepancies between menu and refrigerator, leading to repeated disappointment in the procurement of bubble tea. Much to my surprise, it does not appear to have caught on in Scotland. I suspect they don’t have much truck with drinks consumed primarily during the summer months, as they are so seldom in demand. Only fancy my surprise when my husband, having nipped out for a wee constitutional, returned brandishing that much-desired beverage! Above rubies, that one.