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On Wednesday I finished the last of my coursework. Ever. (Unless I get another MSc sometime, which is theoretically not impossible, but is not highly likely.) I would feel a lot more poignant about this if I hadn’t would up my studies with an exam and a paper deadline on the same day. For the same class.

Now it’s just my little (MSc) dissertation, which will take 3 months, and my big (doctoral) dissertation, which will take three years.

Those, however, are next week’s problems. So far, I’ve celebrated in traditional geek fashion by watching almost the entire first season of Warehouse 13–I was so tired that day that watching TV was about all I could manage–sewn a comfortable yet stylish pair of pants while watching Disney movies, and taken a wonderful walk across the Meadows in the sun with my wonderful husband.
Dunvegan Castle, September 2012

Dunvegan Castle, September 2012

Tomorrow the real fun begins: a ceilidh Saturday night and on Sunday a barbecue on the beach. We’ve been told to bring our swim togswhatever the weather, and I think I will. The question is, will the water be colder in Scotland than in Maine, or warmer?

Happy weekend!