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BRID You know train wrecks, right?

NTS I may have a passing familiarity with the concept.

BRID I can’t decide whether this is my new favorite hobby, or whether I should run as fast as I can in the other direction.

NTS looks concerned

BRID I’m looking through the results for “free kindle books” on amazon.

NTS Yep. Train wreck.

o O o

Here’s a nice selection.

The Keeping (Sequel to The Mating)

Carpe DiEmily (Part 1)

10 Shades of Sexy

Bonded (Prequel to The Mating)

Blue-Collar Boys – Service Calls

The best bit about that one is really its subtitle. That’s the part that broke my husband: Blue-Collar Boys – Service Calls (Book 1: Alpha Male Contemporary Sex Stories).

Girls’ Night Out (Visits to Petal)

“The Finding (Law of the Lycans #3).” NTS shoots me a quizzical look. “I can only assume they turn into wolves or something hairy.” “Ah,” says my fungus-minded husband. “I thought you said LICHENS.”

In Too Deep (Hidden Cove Series)

And in a sad and turn of irony: Free Books for Your Kindle | $0.99 Kindle Purchase. There were quite a few of these on various subjects, none of them free.

The best irony on my computer this week, though, comes not from amazon, but courtesy of my anti-virus software. The program likes to send a little message in the corner once or twice a day to tell me that my definitions have been updated (which doesn’t sound at all like something a cyberman would say). This week it’s popped up with a new message.

I think I may have identified the scam.

I think I may have identified the scam.

Also, my uncle, the prime minister of Nigeria, has some money he’d like to give you and your long-lost step-nephew’s great grandfather once removed has just died, leaving you sole heir to his estate. Just sayin’.

Also, the only reason this post isn’t titled Book 1: Alpha Male Contemporary Sex Stories is that this post is going to ruin my SEO (search engine optimazion) enough already, and I’m slightly afraid of the pop-up ads I’m going to be getting.