Sunday, 9 June
Fort William, Scotland

It smells better here.

That was the first thing I noticed when I steped out of the rental car. It smells like fresh, and flowers, and salt water moving past wild green. The higlands are so much better than the lowlands. Liking them so much the first time might have been a fluke, the second a happy coincidence, but the
third time is proof. That’s how science works. Also miracles. The highlands are so nice they have to be one or the other.

NTS, his parents and I are on a madcap adventure across Edinburgh and the highlands. I would have posted our antics every day,only by the time we finish, I have just enough energy left to shower off the sunscreen and sugar and fall thankfully into bed. And I mean “enough” in the same way you have “enough” gas if you manage to make it to the filling station without calling AAA. (Ah, to be 17 again.)  My in-laws are very energetic.

We have checked into one of the ubiquitous bed-and-breakfasts that liberally dot the highlands, replete with garrulous owners. NTS only just escaped. (I, having a much less developed sense of social obligation, called it quits when the conversation distracted me too much to keep reading. To be fair, I had already been procrastinating getting up to shower, on the grounds that it would involve getting up.)

Speaking of which, it is time I call it quits for the night. You gus are lucky I like you as much as I do, or I would never have the patience to type such along post on a tablet keyboard (whose primary selling point is, apparently, the wholesale lack of keys. Go figure.)

Next up: Fort William and the Jacobite Express. And the rest of my accumulated adventures.