3.56 pm
Scholars persist in publishing relevant works in languages I can’t read. How many is it going to take?

4.23 pm
Ice cream makes research so much better. (Fun fact: White Mountain’s cookies & cream got me through much of my senior thesis. Balanced by days of yoghurt and granola in the library, this had a less detrimental effect than might be expected. The two together led to my always carrying a spork in my pursee, a habit which persists to this day.)

4.45 pm
Making iced tea in my beautiful new tea jar. When we made the sangria the other week, the hardest part was transporting it to our friend’s house for dinner–if the plastic containers were leakproof for the bottom 6 inches, that’s the most that can be said for them. We picked up a few old-fashioned jars with rubber gaskets at Ikea yesterday, so I’m looking forward to carrying things with style and drily.

Iced tea

Looking at the jars, I’m amazed at how we’ve forgotten how our ancestors accomplished various tasks. How many times have I loaded a plastic container into the cooler only to have it leak? Yet here’s an elegant solution, without any plastic to speak of.

4.56 pm
I just realized I missed a casual standing engagement today due to my inability to remember at any given time what day of the week it is. I wish I could say this was the first time.

5.01 pm
Oh, well. Scorpion bowl for one! Reading in Dutch always tastes better with a cocktail. Or with knowing Dutch, but just now I’ll settle for the cocktail.

Scorpion bowl

5.17 pm
Guess who was at Ikea and didn’t pick up a can opener? Once again, we will be using the emergency can opener. And let me tell you, those things are not user friendly. They are, however, better than nothing, which is a predicament I have found myself in every time I’ve moved. But not this time! Experience triumphs at last.

5.45 pm
*On Amazon, ordering manual can opener*
Fun fact: I’ve never had an electric can opener. I never figured out the point of it. (Unless you have arthritis.)