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The husband went back to work today. There was some delay waiting for the paperwork to go through, but the day is here at last. 

It’s quieter today. 

A road to nowhere | Glen Nevis, June 2013

A road to nowhere | Glen Nevis, June 2013

NTS is not a noisy person–except when he is–or much given to clomping about (except when he does). A human being, though, broadcasts a sort of radio wave. However quiet, you know he’s in the house. And since he is, and he’s my husband, I can’t help being drawn to where he is, nipping in every so often (rather often, to be sure) to say hello. Or, “What are we having for dinner?” Or something. 

His leaving has also greatly increased the efficiency of the alarm clock, as I cannot quite reconcile myself to staying in bed while he’s getting ready to leave for work. Especially since I really should be getting to work myself, or at least getting breakfast.

The road back from nowhere

The road back from nowhere

It’s terrible, I tell you.

And I’m going to have to make my own lunch. You can tell I’m really suffering here. Productivity has otherwise remained the same.

Beware of Death

Beware of death. It’s sneaky. 

It’s very quiet.