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Do you know how many blog posts I’ve composed in my head these past two weeks? So many. Some of them may even make it to my blog. For instance, did you know that Fort Kent, Maine has an actual Sears catalog depot, where you order things from a catalog and then they get delivered? It’s like something from a Rogers and Hammerstein musical.

Other blog posts sit on my tablet, waiting for a rogue wi-fi connection and fifteen minutes of time when I’m not camping, canoeing, or being eaten alive by mosquitoes. It turns out that when the weather permits exposed skin, this is construed as an invitation to the Maine state bird, the mosquito. So I have souvenirs.

Things I have done so far:

  • hacked a campground out of the woods with a machete
  • canoed and kayaked a sandy river
  • taught my small cousin to jump off a rope swing into said river
  • visited L.L. Beans flagship store and Reny’s (You have to be a Mainer to understand. It’s kind of a religious thing.)
  • Gone swimming in the ocean (alone. My mom has more sense than to go in 64 degree water, even in August.)
  • eaten lobster, some of it cooked over a campfire
  • waded up a rocky river to our campsite
  • seen my family and friends
  • picked out bridesmaids dresses for my friend’s wedding
  • eaten Gifford’s ice cream from a tiny mom and pop store
  • got a phone call from my husband that in the two days since his last call, he had found us an apartment and moved from a temporary job to a permanent one. That was a good phone call. I suspect I should go away more often, but NTS disagrees. Emphatically.

And so many other things, they’re going to require their own posts. That’s just a taste of things to come!