Day 2: Figure out how to use this computer. I took the plunge and left my old laptop at home this morning, knowing that otherwise I would be tempted to take the easy way out and use the broken-in laptop with three years worth of waved settings and bookmarks. The first hurdle: remembering to click. Mac keyboards aren’t pre-configured to accept taps.

Second hurdle: finding the backslash key on a keyboard that looks like an American mac, but is was configured to UK English. (It was hiding behind the tilda/accent button. My clever colleague figured this out when we found the tilda under the backslash button.) Needless to say, my next step was to switch to American keyboard settings. 

Third hurdle: right clicking while booted in windows. 

I get the feeling this is going to continue for the rest of the day/year. It’s definitely a learning process. Thank heaven for internet gurus.