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As the days get shorter, I’m more thankful to be working in the postgrad office, where there are bright lights and people in the afternoons. It is fall now, with a vengeance. I’d forgotten, but fall in Edinburgh is actually rather nice, because when it’s not actually raining, the weather is dry and crisp. Mostly.

I am finding that planning for conferences is a royal pain. Not even writing the presentation, if I’m giving one. It’s the travel plans that do it. Usually if I go to an event, such as a historical re-enactment, the website offers directions on how to get there, and start and end times so one knows when to get there. Not so for European conferences, apparently. And I hope attendance is free, because no fees have been mentioned. It’s a wonder anyone makes it to these conferences at all.

And good heavens, what does one wear to a conference? And what does one wear to a conference when one intends to then spend a day, say, sightseeing in Amsterdam while carrying all of one’s luggage? Ditto for a 3-day conference during which I intend to go straight to and from the conference venue without going to the (distant) hotel. Answer: the same thing for a long time, I suppose.

These are the questions that occupy my mind. I find myself missing my actual research. I think I’ll go read a nice, complicated book and forget about this travelling-with-limited-information business.