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“Early English (‘Anglo-Saxon’) settlement sites usually contain only small amounts of pottery. This is a noticeable contrast with Roman-period sites, which can yield enough pieces of broken pottery for a Greek wedding.”

Carla Nayland

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“The basic answer to your question is: Aaaaaagh!”

– heard in the office

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L’Anse aux Meadows (/ˈlænsi ˈmɛdz/;[1] from the French L’Anse-aux-Méduses or “Jellyfish Cove”)…”

Yes, by all means, if you can’t pronounce something, just go for a similar-sounding word in your own language. Jellyfish, meadow… same thing, right?

– wikipedia: L’anse aux Meadows

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More urban decay in Dunfermline Town

BRID You know what this ball gown needs? A tool belt.

NTS A tulle belt?


You know, that was so apropos, I’m not even going to hit you.

… [hits anyway.]

Nah, nothing is that apropos.