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Taste-full cheddar in the UK doesn’t run to the “extra sharp”, but rather, to the mature. And with age, apparently, comes a penchant for delightfully idiosyncratic descriptors. Here are some of our favourite British cheddars, in terms of both appelative and flavour. (Happily, the two appear to be correlated. Cheddars with boring labels just don’t measure up.)

Pilgrim’s Choice Wonderfully Strong and Punchy Extra Mature Cheddar Cheese

The Lake District Dairy Co.’s Rugged and Rich Extra Mature Cheddar

A runner-up prize goes to Valley Spire’s Mature Cheddar. Not for wit or taste, but for typifying British type by fitting multiple unnecessary Us into their full flavoured savoury cheddar.

Second runner-up goes to Wensleydale, mostly because it’s fun to say.

And as no cheese plate is complete without fruit, may I suggest a persimmon for cleansing the palate between bites? A Spanish friend introduced me to the tasty treat. In spite of my initial misgivings, owing to the fact that a persimmon looks like a larger version of the fruit inside a Japanese lantern plant, which is not my favorite, the persimmon has firm, tasty flesh.

For a more British alternative, have some mango chutney. No catchy slogan on this one, but it’s great with cheese.

Have a wonderfully strong and punchy weekend!

NTS at Dunfermline