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4.30 pm

Google books, why did you leave out page 86? Now I’ll never know what a ‘nouny noun’ is.

A tree by night

I honestly didn’t think this picture would come out at all–the other two versions were all black with a nice white moon, which wasn’t what the night was like at all. Color me impressed.

5.30 pm

Where would you file ‘Aramaic’ on a list of Bible languages? It’s not under A… maybe I’ll try H for ‘Hebrew’.

Wait… I can’t read Hebrew. Damn.

(On a completely unrelated note, biblegateway.com is approximately the best thing ever if you’re comparing older and newer versions of the same language. Or different languages. Or trying to figure out why the Latin and Gothic versions render the end of John 1:1 as ‘and God was the word’ instead of ‘and the word was God’ like the King James version because it came up as an example sentence and just looked wrong. For the record, I still don’t know what the original order was, but the 1550 Greek (to the surprise of no one) matches the Latin. You know, in case it comes up.

Or, I suppose, in case you’re religious or something.

And now I’m going to start getting all sorts of advertising for religious match-making sites and what-have-you. But still better than porn pop-ups on the computer I use to meet with my advisor.)