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Very yellow tamarack in the Pentlands

A very yellow tamarack in the Pentlands

Today, the postgraduate office in my hall is decorated with garlands and bells in a most delightfully festive fashion. I restrained myself from squealing, but it only just. I am so close–so close!–to putting up my own Christmas decorations. In fact, the only thing that stopped me bringing home a 2′ potted tree from the grocery store was the fact that we’re hosting Thanksgiving for nine at our apartment tomorrow. Not that I object to a tastefully decorated Thanksgiving tree–in fact, I’m really hoping the tree will survive in its pot for many moons to come–it’s just that it takes up space we will probably need for people and/or food.

Twilight in the Pentlands

I’m feeling especially festive because today marks the day I sent off my Christmas packages. That’s what Black Friday is for, right? That leaves 26 days for the journey. Ride like the wind, Royal Mail! I’ll get back to you about how that works out. As of now, my Christmas crafting is going to be taken out on husband and apartment. I’ll let NTS be the judge of how that works out. Pentlands afternoon

Sooo… time for some Thanksgiving pork chops!