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It’s December. I’m pretty sure that if I get a craving in December, the resulting cookies will be of the Christmas variety. This includes Christmas devils (thank you, U.), suspiciously six-pointed “Christmas” stars, and Christmas chocolate sugar cookies. If you put them in a Roses tin, they’re even British Christmas cookies. Because tupperware is for colonials, apparently.

Having seen our friends with tins of all descriptions, packed with cookies and cakes, I got container envy. How was my (not-especially-airtight) poundland tupperware (genericide, anyone?) to measure up? Besides, it wasn’t big enough for an entire loaf cake, as I discovered to my cost. This led to my eating enough off the end to fit in the tupperware, or on one memorable occasion, carrying the newly-baked loaf cake to a party in a basket. Baskets are not, perhaps, generally constructed for Scotland in winter. (Which is to say, Scotland in rain. Which is to say, Scotland.)

So it was that my husband came home from work the other day and proudly presented me with… a tin of chocolates a tin once full of chocolates. Really, you’ve got to be pretty certain of your wife’s affection to try that one.

And thus tonight ends with a tin full of delicious chocolate Christmas cookies (recipe).

Christmas cookies