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[Looking for books in German for my kindle, so I don’t forget everything I learned.]

No, definitely can’t buy Shades of Grey in translation. With the words I’d be looking up, the pop-ups would be terrifying. Almost as terrifying as the book selection I’m seeing here. Apparently German readers really enjoy thrillers. Especially with blood on the cover. How many learners of German really want to learn through Learning German through Storytelling: Des Spielers Tod (‘the player’s death’)? or Learning German through Storytelling: Mord am Morgan (‘death in the morning’)? Although I suppose I do enjoy a good murder mystery from time to time. Especially ones with good characters and historical settings. Still, it’s a shock to be browsing for a nice fairy tale and come across language learning books dripping with bloody knives.

Although considering the amount of blood that features in early fairy tales, perhaps I shouldn’t be so surprised.

Newfoundland: Still substantially further south than Scotland.

You know your source text is old when you have to go to the 4th floor of the library. There the Dewey decimal system still reigns supreme, perched serenely within the light of its outmoded system of governance with all the stately assurance of an elderly Queen Victoria on her throne, surrounded by her legion offspring. It is a perilous journey into the past. The wise adventurer will make the trip only if armed with coffee and a goodly supply of comestibles in case temporal fluctuations make the stay longer than expected, as the weight of passing time creates its own variable gravitational field, causing local weather patterns not seen or accurately predicted in the rest of the library. Electronics may flicker wildly due to ether leakage from decaying bindings with reality. Check your card catalogue for updated warnings before setting out.