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Seen on my ramblings: On my walk to work this morning, this entire wedge of land was covered with patches of crocuses, beaded with tiny droplets of dew. It just smelled like spring.

The unicorn

The unicorn on the edge of the same square. Why a unicorn? Well, it’s 147% more interesting than another guy on a horse, for starters. Although horses without horns are pretty, too.

Who wants wine?

“Wine from film last night 17/2 Help yourself!” A nice thing to open the office fridge on on a Tuesday morning.


Slightly more unsettling: “Instructions for the use of the guillotine” notice in the copy room. No matter how much your head knows it’s just an office supply, there’s something about “guillotine” that will always say “reign of terror”. Besides, your head has a vested interest in the matter and can’t be trusted to be objective.

Things I have had to look up today;

Lady Day: 25 March, the Feast of the Annunciation. Also a quarter day, one of four days in the (southern) English year on which servants were hired and dismissed, rents were paid, new leases started, and accounts settled. The quarter days in Scotland, Ireland and northern England, on the other hand, more nearly matched the dates of old fire feasts than the equinoxes and solstices.