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BRID Ooh, ooh! I’ve got 101 followers!*

NTS They’re like dalmations!

BRID Spotty? I suppose that makes sense, given my posting habits this week.

NTS They’d make a nice coat.


I don’t think I’m the weird one in this conversation any more. I’ll just be over here if you need me.


* A big thank-you to everyone who’s shown their enjoyment/support by following my blog! It does me old heart good to know my words aren’t passing unread into the vast, inky darkness of the interwebs. Have some pictures of Scotland.

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Pentlands Easter

For Easter, I made a delicious dinner (on Friday, but we enjoyed the leftovers on Easter). On Saturday–prompted partly by the sun and largely by Mumsy asking what we were doing for Easter–we went hiking in the Pentlands.

Pentlands Easter Pentlands Easter

All pictures of sheep are hereby dedicated to Mama K, in memory of the fifteen minutes around Ben Nevis, in which we stalked the sheep for pictures in our dark rental car like the wool paparazzi.

Pentlands Easter



Alien terrain, don’t you think? Somehow it always recalls the alien planets in Calvin & Hobbes, especially when it isn’t so green.

Pentlands Easter

Pentlands Easter Pentlands Easter