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Possibly my favorite encomium of all time:

British Army: “I feel proud that our nation still produces nutters like you” – Major General G J Binns CBE DSO MC
In reference to Microadventures, a website, book, and company that advocate taking advantage of the time between workdays, the 5-to-9 shift, if you will, to refresh with a night in the wild. The idea is compelling. As is the idea of being sincerely praised for being a nutter. I think that is now a life goal for me. To the surprise of no one who knows me.
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Blogger–and now author–Kjerstin Gruys has made a name for herself by kicking her own image obsession… by going a whole year without looking in the mirror. I have to admit, I can see the wisdom of her ways. Evaluating my appearance every darn time I go into a bathroom or my bedroom is a waste of energy, even when I’m in a mood to like what I see. And when I’m already cranky, the focus on my own appearance just adds fuel to the fire. So I’m about ready to cover up the mirrors in the house and only use them when I really want to see something. Just like I put the candy in the cupboard so I don’t constantly have to remind myself that no, I don’t really need or even want candy right now.
What I’m saying is, the woman has something to say that really resonates with me. Today it’s not the mirrors, though; it’s this:
The good news is that I’ve improved dramatically since college.  Instead of being motivated only by the “stick” of looming deadlines, I occasionally move towards the “carrot”of feeling sane, productive, and well-rested.  I’ve also abandoned the myth that I work “best” under pressure, because I don’t.  Instead, I know that I write best when I’m feeling positive and confident, and when I regularly set small, achievable goals (and then accomplish them).  Even knowing these things, I still struggle with procrastination.
Kjerstin, in turn, is pulling from Chuck Close, who says that “Inspiration is for amateurs. The rest of us just show up and get the work done.”
I suspect this means that I should stop reading her blog archives and get on with my paper, though. Finishing things in time to get lots of sleep is my new, extra-simple life goal.
Along with taking microadventures and being praised for insanity, that is.