Because with a name like “tabbouleh”, it’s not odd enough.

As I was beginning to experiment with whole grains this month, I staggered toward the checkout with my kilos of rice, millet, bulgar wheat and coconut milk (not a whole grain). I had room in my hands for just one more thing: a bag of assorted greenery. Things that are marked down in grocery stores often lead to interesting meals. For 29p, how could I not go for it? And besides, it had flowers.


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Which is how I ended with the most specialest tabbouleh ever. I’m sure you will never eat tabbouleh with this particular combination of ingredients, as I don’t even know which of the herbs listed on the bag were included. It was tasty, though.

tabbouleh mix

If you want to make real tabbouleh–which I highly recommend you do, it’s a delicious and refreshing summer salad–I suggest this recipe from the BBC. I based mine on that recipe. Ish. Since I substituted many of the ingredients with similar ingredients, including all of the green and red components, I can’t exactly say I’ve tried it, but I can say it’s a good baseline. I skipped the flatbread and ate it right from the bowl.