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My best friend got married in May, and my lovely sister-in-law in July, and NTS’s cousin in September. It’s a year for weddings. Last weekend I even had the fun of wedding dress shopping with a friend of mine who’s having a wedding here in Edinburgh in the spring. So you could say I’ve got weddings on the brain. Luckily for you, I’ve also got a blog. So let me re-open my long-neglected series on weddings with a series of pictures.

Shortly after NTS and I got engaged, we went to check out the prospective site for our impending nuptials. Once we had checked that it had everything we needed for a wedding–roof, ocean, road–we held an impromptu engagement photo shoot. A little taste of what was to happen on that very spot, eight months later.

Engagement 1

If we’d been in good earnest, we wouldn’t have done it on our way home from my parents’ house with the sun setting, and I wouldn’t be dressed in something I nipped from my sister’s closet on the way out.

Engagement 2

Well, I might have, but it would have been more premeditated.

Engagement 3

We probably would have packed a more sophisticated camera than my old point-and-shoot.

Engagement 4

But we didn’t need the photos for invitations or party decorations. Just for memories.

Engagement 5

As an aide-de-memoire, they suit admirably. I just stumbled on them again while looking for some documents and thought I’d share. I don’t think anyone has seen these photos before who wasn’t present.

Engagement 6

So young and in love. Whatever happened?

Engagement 7

(Just kidding, dear.)

Engagement 8

Love you.