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1. NTS found black beans in the supermarket. When I’m cooking Mexican, even I’m-from-the-tall-end-of-New-England “Mexican”, black beans are infinitely superior to other beans. I’ve been making do with black-eyed beans, but now black is back. Win.

2. A Cup of Jo has been running a series on the experiences of expat moms in various countries around the world. The link is for Germany, but there are links to all of the other countries at the bottom. You can tell she writes a lot, as the stories are really well put-together.

3. I’ve been enjoying a number of blogs lately. And by “enjoying”, I mean obsessively reading the back issues until I get tired or actually do some work. Tammy of Rowdy Kittens, a tiny house dweller, has an enchanting habit of posting links to interesting things every week, which led me to a lot of the things I’ve been reading lately.

4. On another blog front, I just ran across a post by Sas Petherick, where she builds, using only one photo and a page of words, a wonderful place where the mind can curl up for a cosy cup of coffee.

5. I found my fountain pen. It wasn’t in my pen case, where it always is, or any other place I could think of. I had just about resigned myself to the purchase of a new one when I looked in a pen-shaped box that happened to be on the bookshelf, and lo! there it was. I promptly dashed off a few words of minimalist wisdom.


It just felt so right in my hand. The pen itself is so worn that I really should replace it anyway–the powder coating is not nearly as resilient as it first appeared, as has degraded sadly–but at least I have my perfectly-worn-in nib back. And I think we all know, deep down, that I won’t really be replacing the barrel any time soon, either.

Bonus round: Is this a weird sign, or is it just me? It was the “do not disturb” sign at a very nice hotel in New England. I can’t help feeling that it’s a little… insinuating.

ME timeI mean, I just wanted to sleep in.