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BRID Ow. Ow. I can’t unsee that.

NTS What’s wrong?

BRID Someone is wrong on the internet. On this linguistics forum. The comment is so simplistic that it’s effectively wrong. And the thought of sorting out the terminology enough to fix it just hurts my little head. This is why you never read the comments.

… Although at least they were mostly polite. On the internet I’ll take what I can get.

o O o

BRID thinks for a moment. Oh, dear.

NTS What?

BRID It just occurred to me that I know more about this topic than most people in the world, statistically speaking. And yet not quite enough yet.

NTS shakes head sympathetically.

BRID This is going to be a recurring pattern, isn’t it?

NTS nods solemnly. 

BRID Thank you, dear.

o O o

Last weekend, I went to a friend’s birthday party. A costume party. The theme? pajamas and glitter. It was the most comfortable party ever. Don’t worry; the glitter was Lush glitter bars, not the craft stuff that stays in your hair indefinitely. Em was describing her day at work. She works some odd jobs, so while I thought it was odd for her to be working on a Saturday, it wasn’t that odd.

But then the light dawned.

BRID Oh. It’s Friday, isn’t it?

EM Yes. Yes, it is.

A FELLOW PHD Every day is Saturday when you’re working on a PhD.

BRID And you work Saturdays.

o O o

That’s probably the most accurate description of how time passes around here. I just can’t decide if they’re words to live by or words to rebel against. Mostly, they’re just true.

“Every day is Saturday when you’re working on a PhD.
And you work Saturdays.”

Except for last Saturday, when I did not go to the aforementioned party (that being on Friday), but did go to the farmers market. More on that later.

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