NTS coming home. So did you have any adventures today, dear?


Not a ladder

NTS … Is that a ladder?


… Yes.

NTS What.

BRID One of these days our apartment is going to have a loft. I’ll be ready.

Climbs ladder.

Who’s tall now, bitches!

NTS You’re very tall, dear.

Glances around nervously. Of course, that’s usually when the whole thing collapses. Maybe that’s enough for just now.

Exeunt, pursued by a bear.

o O o

Every part of that conversation just happened Except one line. Who would have a bear in their apartment?

Also, I’ll have you know I didn’t just go out and buy a ladder on a whim. That would be irresponsible.

I found it.

Yep, a ladder

I may move it back toward the table and use it to store my office supplies where I can reach them. Or I may continue to let NTS use it as a beer table. We’ll see.