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1. I waterproofed my shoes today! 

I always feel a glow of satisfaction when I’ve waterproofed my shoes for the winter, like the glow of stacking firewood against the cold season to come (although that’s actually not against the coming winter, but the one after). It’s an atavistic comfort in being prepared for the hard season ahead. Right now, as I acclimate to rapidly shortening days and the new norm of ‘windy, high of 59F (15C)’, the glow of preparedness warms the heart as well as the feet, and is very welcome. (Protip: The further north you are, the more rapidly the length of the days changes.)

2. It’s getting colder. Does your coffee have a sweater?

Does your coffee have a sweater?

No, I didn’t hand-knit my coffee a Fair Isle sweater with size 1 needles. This is the happy remains of one smartwool sock with a hole too large to darn comfortably. (i.e. in the bottom of the heel. I haven’t had much success darning holes larger than a dime in the sole of the sock. The extra cushioning is fine where the heel rubs the back of the shoe, though.)

3. I found a ladder!

I found a ladder

I hid under the ladder because I love you.

NTS’s pillow fortress

NTS's pillow fortress

I was hiding under the ladder because I love you.

I was hiding under your porch because I love you. -UP (source)

I was hiding under your porch because I love you. -UP (source)

4. She blinded me with library signs.

As seen in the university's main library.

As seen in the university’s main library.

Library stacks

These are the stacks in part of the Dewey Decimal section of the library, i.e. the older books. The newer ones have Library of Congress classifications. You can’t quite see it in the photo, but the stacks are on rails, so I suspect you use the spidery hand wheels to move the stacks back and forth until you can reach the shelves you want. The fourth floor is kind of awesome.


Sadly, even in an institute of higher learning, Scots have yet to figure out exactly what the purpose of door handles is. I’ve even seen pull handles that have the word PUSH molded directly into the handle. Other buildings with this problem: Edinburgh Central Library (Edinburgh and Scottish Collection), the Informatics building where they build robots and program things. And that’s just off the top of my head. Scots don’t really understand how doors work.

5. Buckwheat pancakes. Words cannot express how much I have been enjoying them lately. I’ll try some pictures instead. Recipe will follow in a later post.

Buckwheat pancakes with apples and raspberries

Buckwheat pancake sandwiches

Buckwheat pancake sandwiches

Bonus: Sausagemobile.


Happy weekend!