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I spent much of May in the US. Naturally, I thought of nothing but taking pictures for the blog, and especially for you, Dear Reader. When I got back to Scotland, I was too excited about travel and being back in Scotland to sum of my vacation coherently. (So much happened, actually, I’m still not sure I can sum it up coherently. It’s a good thing I took pictures so I can reconstruct the narrative in my head. The Accuracy of memory is highly overrated, anyway–all memory is narrative, reconstructed from what we felt and visualised the last time we accessed the memory. But don’t let that stop you.) Now that I’m revising multiple iterations of a paper, though, it seems like a great time to give you a virtual tour through my memories.


A wildlife sanctuary in eastern MA.

Audobon Sturbridge

Old Sturbridge Village. In the US, June is actually summer, and the weather was as perfect as it looks.


Mumsy Dearest is fabulous, naturally.


In sunglasses, no on can see you squint. Or blink. Sneezing they might notice.