Discussing adapters–this being an international conference–and mention how much easier it is now that everything plugs into usb slots for charging.  Compared to ten years ago,  when my first-generation mp3 player (before ipods took off) plugged into its cord, which led to its enormous charger, which hung from the enormous Northern-Europe-to-North-America power converter, with an additional prong adapter to fit in the recessed outlet (why, Europe?). The whole apparatus hung from the wall like an engorged tick.

The student at the table said,  “Oh. That was before my time.”

I am not old enough for this.


A sailboat floats serenely past the window. Practically no one even turns to look. Already trying not to laugh; the boat doesn’t help.


It turns out gefriesdroogde meelwormen means exactly what I thought. I really wouldn’t have minded being wrong about that one. Wish I hadn’t opened it,I could have sent it to someone for Christmas. Wonder who.

It would be fun to live tweet these thoughts. I don’t think that’s what the organizers had in mind when they created the conference hashtag, though. Mm, linguistics mealworms. Bookworms?