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You know how I said I had a lot of birthday wood that needed not to be in the kitchen?

birthday wood

But wait, there’s more! in the hallway. 

Enter the 24″ bow saw.

It arrived on Sunday (did you know amazon prime for students has a 6-month free trial period in the UK?) in a ludicrously large box. I have to assume they don’t often ship products that measure 24 x 8 x 1.

If it fits, it sits. His words, not mine.

If it fits, it sits. His words, not mine.

Slowly my muscles remembered how to use a bow saw. This one is as close to the one I used to use to cut down Christmas trees as I could get. The handle is a bit narrow even for my hand, though–hence the handkerchief around it.

What sawhorse?

What sawhorse? As you can see, I soon made use of the box.

The wood, neatly out of sight in my living room.

wood in the living room

The only thing left in the kitchen is my chopping stump. I can’t believe fate managed to to leave a chopping stump just about in my back yard right as I was taking up woodworking.

A little taste of the wood in action:

starting a spoon