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1. I submitted a paper for peer review. My very first paper! If it’s accepted, my paper will be published in a book with those of other professional academics. (!!)


Now we wait.

2. Flowers! Though not from a garden.


At 2 quid a bouquet (Lidl), supermarket flowers more than pay for themselves in morale.

3. Smoothies.


Or sorbet, depending on how much I defrost the frozen berries. Yet another use for the intrepid stick blender.

4. Wedding rings for adventurers. I don’t like to wear my wedding ring when camping, hiking, on SCA trips that involve sleeping rough, hitting my friends with sticks… Either it’s uncomfortable because I’m using my hands (especially carrying things), or very messy, or I’m afraid of losing it while running around in the woods.

Enter the silicone wedding ring, a comfortable way to stave off that weird feeling you get from not wearing your wedding ring. (This feeling developed a surprisingly short tim after I got my engagement ring. Apparently, being reminded of your marriage is addictive, and engagement is a gateway drug. Most people who contract engagements go on to marriage. Consider yourselves warned.)

UPDATE 5. No thanks to wordpress, which deleted the “Winter in Scotland” post after it was published, and substituted this draft. And then messed with it. 

This may be for the best. It was about how winters in Scotland differ from those in New England. Only when I went to make sure the link was working on facebook (and it was working fine then) did I start browsing facebook and notice that no-one in Boston has seen hide or hair of the MBTA this week due to snow and incompetence. (As opposed to usual operations, in which you don’t see them for several hours, but then three 77 buses come in a row and leapfrog down Mass Ave.) I didn’t mean to rub everyone’s face in it. But apparently karma wasn’t accepting that rationale.