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Just a quick hike.

Pines in the Pentlands, Bonaly

While we were out, we scoped out a few possible sites for camping.

stone pound, Pentlands, Bonaly

Scotland allows you to camp nearly anywhere you would want to (not in people’s backyards), so long as you’re not in the way and you leave no trace. We’re still working our way up to this. I’ve never camped without a car or a canoe before, except at SCA events. But I’m determined we will soon.

pentlands, April

BRID Maybe we should try bivy sacks instead of a tent. People say that you feel closer to nature that way, not in a smaller version of a building.

NTS I don’t see how that’s a recommendation.

Pentlands, Bonaly, March

BRID Oh, well. It probably doesn’t work so well for two people. You know what they call a two-person bivy. b


BRID A tent.